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An etheric body, also known as the aura, surrounds every human being. This energy field is thought to be made up of you're the emanations of your life force, what the Middle Eastern religions call Prana, the Chinese call Chi and the popular religions call the Soul. An entire New Age cottage industry ...

Author: Sam Stevens
Many of you come to this site because you are a Seeker. You are looking for something -- answers to a problem, a relationship, a better career, more money, and/or the return of a lover. Some of you are trying to strengthen your connection to your higher self or to God. Others just need to talk, get ...

Author: Sam Stevens
As it was in that familiar old song, says our great grandma, there are three coins in the fountain. The question is: which one will be the fountain bless? The three coins I am referring to are theism, atheism, and agnosticism. ...

Author: Peter M.K. Chan


What about angels? Is it true that there are angels? Have you encountered your own angels?

As a believer in God, I must also be a believer in angels. The Bible speaks of angels. In fact, there are over 300 mentions of angels in the Bible. Angels have many purposes: they are ministering servants on behalf of God's people (Heb 1:14), they bring messages of guidance from God (Acts 10:3-5), they are assigned to protect God's people (Ps 34:7), they minister to our needs (1 Kings 19:5-7) and they dispense judgment to the wicked (Acts 12:23). But most importantly, they were made to give God honor and praise (Rev. 5:11-12).

We like to think of angels as beautiful, loving beings created by God for good. Unfortunately, there are also evil angels (Mt 25:41 and Jude 1:6). We must be ever vigilant that we do not fall into the trap of the evil one, for he masquerades as an angel of light (2 Co 11:14).

You will find lots of interesting information on this site about angels. Everything from angel clipart and pictures to collectibles, figurines, and into deeper things: how to talk to your angels, messages from angels, connecting with your angels, etc. I hope you enjoy!

I am also looking for angel stories to be posted on this site. If you have a story you would like to share, please post it here. Upon review and approval, it will be posted on our angel stories page for others to read and enjoy. Thank you for sharing your story!

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The word angel comes from angelos which is the Greek word for messenger. Not only are angels messengers, they are also part of our consciousness, ...

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